Explosion Proof Mine fans

Explosion Proof Axial Mine fans (ATEX mine fans) for local-ventilation are used for safety work in coal and ore mines dangerous by gas or dust. Explosion-proof removable motor. Rated dimensions: 400 mm...

Smoke exhaust fans

Exhaust fans are designed to remove flue gases from the furnaces of steam and hot water boilers and to move dust-gas-air mixtures in other processing units. The maximum nominal diameter of our inducted-draft...

Forced-flow fans

Forced-flow fans are used for gas feeding into technological equipment during burning various types of fuel. The temperature of the transported gases is up to 200 °C with a dust content up to 2 g/m3.&nbsp...

Explosion Proof Fans

Metallist Glazov plant has more than 10 years experience in manufacturing of Explosion Proof axial and radial fans. Each model has a national certificate for explosion proof equipment of Russian Federation...

Special industrial fans

Metallist Glazov plant has its own Design&Technology department so we are ready to design the special industrial fan under request. We designed and manufactured tailor made industrial fans for Nuclear...

Heat exchangers

The heat exchanger can be of water or steam variety. The heat exchanger with bimetallic spiral-rolled aluminum fins of heat-transfer elements is designed for heating of the air in HVAC systems. The heat...

Heating/Cooling Fans

The air heating unit worms the air using the heat of hot or overheated water or steam coming from external sources of heat supply and is designed for air heating (including standby heating) of industrial...

Spray Cooling fans and Man coolers on stand

Industrial water spray cooling fans are designed for spraying of humidified and cooled air on workplaces in hot workshops of iron and steel, coke-chemical and machine-building plants and for other similar...


METALLIST Glazov Plant has been established at 1899 and now it is one of the leaders among manufacturers of industrial ventilation and heating equipment and the only one manufacturer of vices and anvils in Russia. Our Slogan is Holding quality, Saving traditions.


As we produce our products in Russia and use components only made in Russia you can be sure in high quality and long life of our tools and equipment.


For Air Fans and Air heating equipment we use the following production facilities:

  • Plasma & Laser cutting Workshop,
  • Welding workshop including 6 Robot Welders,
  • Machining workshop including vertical turning machines with 1200 mm working table and horizontalturning machines with 3000 mm between centers,
  • Assembling workshop including Balancing machine,
  • CNC workshop with milling and turning centers,Tool workshop for manufacturing tools for our own needs.