Heat exchangers


The heat exchanger can be of water or steam variety. The heat exchanger with bimetallic spiral-rolled aluminum fins of heat-transfer elements is designed for heating of the air in HVAC systems. The heat exchangers with finned tubes are designed for use in areas with the temperate climate.


The heating medium for water heat exchangers is water with the temperature of max. 150°C and the pressure generated by the pumps in the system is maximum 1.2 MPa. 


The heating medium for steam heat exchangers is dry saturated or superheated steam with the temperature of max.150°C and the pressure generated by the pumps in the system is maximum 1.2 Mpa.


Installation and Principle of Operation of the Heat Exchanger
The heat exchanger consists of heat dissipating elements (finned tubes), tube sheets, covers and removable side shields.


For installation and fastening of heat exchangers during the mounting stage, 11x15 oval holes are provided on the sides of the tube sheets and removable shields.


The connecting dimensions of all heat exchangers with a single pitch of 125 mm make it possible to assemble heat exchangers by the height and length and to assemble the heat exchanger with the air capacity of up to 500,000 m3/h.


The heat-transfer element consist of finned tubes which are made of the 16x1.5 mm steel tube and aluminum rolling fins with the diameter of 39 mm. The step between the ribs is 3 mm.Side covers with partitions are welded onto the unit in accordance with the number of coolant strokes.In order to minimize rejects, before shipment, each heat exchanger made by the Metallist Plant passes the quality control.


In particular, the heat exchanger is subjected to hydraulic tests for strength and tightness, under pressure during 2 minutes, after which its outline dimensions, welding seams, appearance and completeness are checked.

Heat Exchanging Element - Finned Tube

Designed to dissipate heat from the coolant into the environment. The heat exchanging element is the bimetallic finned tube made of a steel tube with the diameter of 16 mm and aluminum rolling fins with the outer diameter of 39 mm, with the pitch between the ribs of 3.0 mm.