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Special industrial fans


Metallist Glazov plant has its own Design&Technology department so we are ready to design the special industrial fan under request. We designed and manufactured tailor made industrial fans for Nuclear Power Plant, Carton industry, Cement plants, Oil&Gas, Animal breeding and etc.

Each model has a national certificate for explosion proof equipment of Russian Federation. Rated diameter of impeller is up to 2400 mm.

Solution example: HARDOX impeller
Dust Exhaust Fans are used in dust-trapping units, for wood or metal chips exhaust, for abrasive type dust removal; corn, cotton, wool transportation in pneumatic conveyer systems.

For cement plants where the abrasive type dust wears the working wheel very fast we can manufacture the blades from wear resistant HARDOX alloy. This solution increases working life of the wheel up to 1800%!

Standard rated diameters of impeller: 300-1000 mm.