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METALLIST Glazov Plant has been established at 1899 and now it is one of the leaders among manufacturers of ventilation and heating equipment and the only one manufacturer with the widest line of vices and anvils in Russia.




High quality of our products is confirmed by Certificate ISO 9001-2015 and Certificates of Quality on each product line.



We produce our Products on the base of GOST Standards – Technical standards established during Soviet Union times when the quality was beyond all.



  • Vices,
  • Anvils,
  • Industrial Ventilation Equipment,
  • Industrial Heating Equipment.

This time we export our products at 11 countries including European Union and Middle East. Our plant is situated in Glazov city, Udmurt Republic, Russia. 

The positioning at Trans-Siberian Railroad gives opportunity of direct transportation to the largest international ports of Russia including Vladivostok, Snt.-Petersburg, Astrakhan and Novorossiysk.


There are about 400 employees at the plant, including 20 Sales Managers and 15 Engineers.  We have our own Design & Technology Department, so we can design and manufacture the equipment according to the drawings or by special technical task of the customer. 


The total area of at METALLIST Glazov Plant production facilities is 47 250 m2 which includes 7 workshops:  


  • Plasma & Laser cutting Workshop,
  • Welding workshop including 6 Robot Welders,
  • Machining workshop including vertical turning machines with 1200 mm working table and horizontal turning machines with 3000 mm between centers,
  • Assembling workshop including Balancing machine,
  • CNC workshop with milling and turning centers,
  • Vice workshop,
  • Tool workshop for manufacturing tools for our own needs.


As we produce our products in Russia and use components only made in Russia you can be sure in high quality and long life of our tools and equipment.

Building with Design & Technology Department, Large Machines Workshop
Workshop, built at 2019
Workshops at the territory
Entrance to the territory with the “Board of honor” and Notices for the employees
CNC Workshop

Holding quality

All our air blowers and air heating equipment have certificates of conformity to national standards of safety and quality. All explosion proof blowers have national certificates of explosion safety. METALLIST Glazov Plant manufactures fans for nuclear power plants under License of Federal Atomic Supervision Service of Russian Federation. Our smoke exhaust fans METALLIST also have certificates of conformity.

Saving traditions




At 1980 the the Plant obtained its current name “Metallist”.  At that time the plant was busy with manufacturing heat exchangers, vices and anvils, tools, locks, hardware and metal cookware. 

METALLIST Glazov Plant started to manufacture industrial radial and axial fans and supply them all over the Russia.

We started to manufacture Atomic Fans which will work at Nuclear Power Plant abroad.