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Other vices


Other vices METALLIST: Friction vices for Oil&Gas, Cylindrical bench vices TSC-180, Pneumatic bench vices TSSP-140K, Precision Machine Vices 7209-4004, Eccentric machine vices, Machine vices “MECHANIKA-200”.

Friction vices for Oil&Gas

Friction vices are used for clamping round parts and pipes for exclusion its deformation. Vices are used in disassembling and assembling of downhole sucker-rod pumps, compressors, and pipes. The delivery set includes replaceable inserts for pieces of different diameters. The material the vice is made of is carbon steel; the material of inserts can be from aluminium or steel.


Cylindrical bench vices TSC-180

Heavy duty bench vices with jaw width 180 mm. The lead screw is assembled into cylindrical body for higher rigidity and more accurate operations.


Pneumatic bench vices TSSP-140K

The vices with jaw width 125 or 140 mm clamp pieces within one second with a force of 1.5 tons without applying the manpower. They suit optimally for acceleration of clamping operations with pieces of the same type at the flow-line production.


Precision Machine Vices 7209-4004

A design feature of the model consists in massive jaws with the smooth ground surface and shoulders for rigid fixation of the stroke of the vice's movable part. The material of body parts is Steel 45 (DIN: С 45, Сk 45, Сq 45) or steel 40Х (DIN: 41 Cr 4).


Eccentric machine vices

The use of eccentric clamps in vices decreases the time for clamping and unclamping of a blank. The material the vice is made of is Steel 45 (DIN: С 45, Сk 45, Сq 45).


Machine vices “MECHANIKA-200”

Pneumatic/Hydraulic machine vices with jaw width 200 mm.

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The vices can be equipped by the following accessories:


  • Aluminum Jaw caps. Are used for clamping of soft parts.
  • Jaws for pipe clamping. Are used for clamping range of pipes diameter.
  • Changeable kit of lead screw and nut.
  • Changeable jaws with screws.
  • Wooden box with engraving.